ELP Shenzhen Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd [China]




Surveillance Equipment,CCTV Systems,USB Camera Module Supplier.

Shenzhen Ailipu Technology Co., Ltd produce all kinds of USB Cameras for industrial, commercial vision application. Like ATM, Kiosk, Robot, Medical device,Smart factory, video surveillance. Resolution range from 0.3 megapixel, 1 megapixel, 2 megapixel, 5 megapixel to 8 megapixel. And recently We launch new ultra HD USB cameras like Super Sharp 4K cameras,13 Megapixel cameras. We also supply special function Auto focus cameras, High frame rate cameras, Low illumination cameras, WDR Cameras, Global shutter camera, H.264 cameras, USB 3.0 cameras, Stereo cameras. We can also provide OEM or customization service. 

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Nomart Oy [Finland]

スカンディナビア デザイン、イタリアン、スパニッシュなどのデザイン家具を中心に取り扱う。


Design furniture and contemporary Scandinavian interiors.

NOMART is a Finnish company founded in 1987. Collections NOMART sells are suitable for decorating both public and private spaces: design furniture, lightning, carpets, textiles, outdoor furniture and carefully curated accessories.

NOMART is the place to find the best of Scandinavian design classics and contemporary news, as well as top brands of Italian and Spanish design. We co-operate closely with interior architects and designers in various types of projects, such as hospitality spaces, meeting rooms, offices, restaurants and other public spaces.


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